A Four Sneakers: Redefining Russian Leather Footwear Standards

Russian sneaker label AFour is the coveted label you’ve been sleeping on. The luxury brand uses leather that is sourced from the same place where Rick Owens buys his materials.

The company is equipped with four injection molding machines Desma and supplies shoes for safety to Rosneft Oil Company>> PAO, Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation>>> AO, Russian Railways>> FGUP and others.

Russian leather craftsmanship

Vladimir Grigoriev was an economist who switched jobs in the year 2009. He opened the shoemaker’s workshop in St. Petersburg. He now oversees a team who creates shoes that are ordered by customers to their own design or models they have already created. The cost is between $90-$160 for pair of boots or running shoes. Custom designs are approximately 20 percent more. Grigoriev’s team utilizes a mix of materials, including Russian leather, as well as imported soles from Vibram and Italian firms.

In the year 2019, LOK>> OOO has produced 150 thousand pairs of leather safety footwear. Its facilities utilize injection molding, lock-stitch cement and vertical cement shoe construction techniques. The main clients of the company include NLMK>> PAO and Federal State Unitary Enterprise State Corporation for the Organization of Air Traffic in the Russian Federation>>.

The company makes leather safety shoes. Its facilities include Desma injection molding machines. TheĀ giay da nam cao cap products are offered through huge Russian distributor networks as well as directly to customers. In addition to lock-stitching and welt cementing, the company’s facilities include a variety of methods for attaching soles. Zapadbaltobuv>> delivers safety footwear to Yantarenergo>> PAO, Kaliningradteploset>> AO and NLMK>> PAO. The plant has a capacity of 2.6 million pairs of safety footwear per year. It is fitted with two injection units belonging to Main Group (Italy). The plant manufactures footwear using TPU, PU, and PU/rubber-soled soles. The majority of footwear is sold through large Russian distribution networks.

Premium Russian footwear

Rustam Afonin is a footwear designer who has dedicated his entire life to making shoes. Each pair of shoes is designed by Rustam and his team with traditional materials and Russian manufacturing methods. It can take up to six month. The result is a shoe that is as unique as it is practical. The Afonin shoes are made from a special type of leather referred to as Russian Leather, which is waterproof and tough.

In 2006, the company produces safety footwear with a complete cycle manufacturing plant with two injection molding machines Desma. The company offers products with the PU/TPU, PU/nitrile and soles made of PU/PU. The soles are joined with welt cement and lock-stitch. Zapadbaltobuv>> distributes its products via dealer networks and major Russian distributors.

In 2019, Yachtingproduced 640 000 pairs of leather safety shoes (+3 percent on an annual basis). The company has four Desma injection molding machines, as well as an authorization from W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc produces footwear using GORETEX(r). (Captain Gore). Yachting>> Delivers shoes for safety to RusHydro PAO. Rosneft oil company> PAO. ANK Bashneft>ANK Bashneft> PAO.

The principal footwear of Russian custom is called “valenki.’ Winter boots made from felted wool are just as Russian as matryoshkas, or samovars. Valenki are perfect winter boots that have a stylish decoration and thick, comfortable soles.

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Russian premium shoe brands

The shoes made by the Strobbs brand are used by Russian military personnel, so you can trust that they’ll work effectively in the harshest of conditions. The shoes are genuine leather both inside and out. They are comfortable and durable enough to wear for extended periods of time. These Russian leather shoes are perfect for those who are looking for high-quality shoes at a price that is affordable.

Rustam’s love for shoes began when his mom bought him a new pair of shoes as a young child. Today he works to make works of art that would easily fit in the display cabinets of a museum. He could take up to six months creating an item of footwear with traditional materials and Russian production methods.

Moderamwas established in 1993, as a productionand technology-driven company. The company produces footwear in a full cycle, from cutting upper skins to packaging the final product.

In 2019, the company manufactured 2.6 million pairs of leather safety footwear (+ 5.2 percent compared to the previous year). Moderamprovides shoes to ArtakObuv PO Sevmash>>AO and MUPPVMES>>.

In 2020 Moderamannounced a line of safety leather footwear with GORE-TEX membrane – Captain Gore>>. The footwear can stand up to temperatures of temperatures of -50oC. Self-heating, anti-slip and self-warming are the primary features of this shoe.

Top leather brands shoes Russia

Obuv Rossii Group, a Russian company is a market leader in the category of products that are priced mid-priced. The chain’s own production factories are equipped with automated Orisol systems. These systems boost the productivity of workers by 5 to 6 times.

The company specializes in the manufacture of safety footwear. The company owns four Desma injector molding units which can produce soles composed of thermopolyurethane, two-layer (PU/TPU), rubber/nitrile, or PU/nitrile. The factory delivers footwear to Rosneft Oil Company>> PAO, Russian Railways>>> AO, Saint Petersburg Metro GUP>> AO, OTEK>> IO, State Corporation for Organization of Air Traffic in the Russian Federation>> IO and many more.

Founded in 2009 by two Russian sneakerheads, AFour is a premium sneaker brand. The shoes are developed by the laboratory of the company, and manufactured in St. Petersburg. The brand is made of top quality materials, like thick Russia leather.

Shoemaker Rustam Izmaylov left his job as an economist, to follow his passion for footwear design and manufacturing. The shoes he makes are unique and take up to six months to create from beginning to finish. His team creates bespoke shoes for a variety of clients. Each pair is made to order, and customers can pick the color, model as well as the sole and style of shoe they want. A pair of shoes will cost between $90-$160, with bespoke designs priced at 20% more.